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Safaree's Nudes leaked on Twitter?

Word around town is that Safaree’s nudes are going around the Internet. Not only would this be a great way to help promote his new line of jackets but he got the ladies sliding in those dms with full force. We already saw how great his body looked on the outside but Safaree seems to have the whole dam package deal if you ask me. Do your thing SB !

Blac Chyna did you do this?

Blac Chyna .. Blac Chyna.. Blac Chyna., My .. My .. My.. you can’t get no messier than this! Why are you even making sextapes, knowing your Industry relationships ain’t last no longer than 5 years. Now let’s be honest, when you encounter these situations what possible questions are going through your head? this will make Tyga want me back I am going to top Kim’s video No one will ever see this Inquiring minds would really like to know. Well let me just tell you this that was the worst #@*! EVER! Please keep it because we don’t want it!!! And those of you asking who is the male in the video, should all know it ain’t Rob cause .. well .. you know. But however you didn’t top MiMi Faust shower r

The Revolution is NOW!

Thursday night NYU hosted "The Revolution is Now" a program hosted by NYU students for NYU students, but my blackass was in there "okurrrr"-Cardi B. voice Activist like Amanda Seales, Murrow Bergdorf, Charles Blow, and Journalist Clay Cane were on the panel, as they discussed topics like, Black Twitter, Lady GaGa, voting and plus much more. Spike Lee the G.O.A.T of film was presented with the Humanitarian award. As Spike, accepted his award he started talking about the moment he found out about Martin Luther King Jr. death. Which of course was a deep moment for black history, which inspired Spike to create only movies with a powerful message. Futhermore... During one of the panel discussions

The Government shut down again y'all

If you're like me and you fell asleep early thursday night, you know you woke up to some bullS****! Thursday night congress couldn't agree on the bipartisan budget deal. The deal was designed by the Republicans to increase military spending by billions of dollars for the next two years. With spending billions of dollars they hope to create more programs and jobs for returning veterans. Democratic party members like Senator Bernie Sanders were voting against it because the bill isn't designed to help undocumented immigrants. Friday morning at 6 am Congress voted to reopen the government, and passed the massive budget deal. It looks like the House of Representatives voted 240-186. "The GOP-co

Culture II Thoughts?

January 26th Culture II was released and let’s say fans had their expectations high. With 3 leaked tracks (Stir Fry, Narcos, and Superstar) I thought Migos was about to have my ass selling dope on the corner of Nordstrand and Gates Ave. But after listening to the whole album I felt like I was flying first class to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air, because it wasn’t on the trappin’ level that I’m used to. As Migos climbs the charts their popularity goes up and their trappin’ goes down. Migos has been doing a great job making me feel “Bad & Bougee” but let’s be real I wanna feel like I’m selling crack out of my window. After “Versace” which was remixed by our favorite Canadian rapper Drake,

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