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Braids, Faux locs, and Twist are summer favorites this year!

As we all know black women are known for their style, poise, and education. With summertime coming close we have noticed the shift in change with many different hairstyles such as Box Braids, Kinky Twist, Faux Locs, Cornrows etc. These styles are all very cute, but I have to say in my opinion the edges make the hairstyle. Imagine it being a nice HOT day and you are killing your outfit from head to toe and your hair is speaking for itself. Now ladies to really make that hairstyle pop visit your local beauty supply store for the Edge Booster edge control. It helps tame my baby hairs throughout those hot sunny days. What I mostly love about taming my hair in the summer is that I can add all the

Do you need to take a hiatus from Social Media?

Sometimes in today’s world, you live your life through your social media account. Think about it every morning do you read the newspaper or check your Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram feed? Sometimes it works out perfect for you because you're able to get the news without reading. But what your feed is neglecting you to do is follow up with the Trump case, or tell you the economic decrease in our economy. Yeah “This is America” isn’t just a good song with hidden messages. It’s actually informing you to understand what’s going on in AMERICA! ... sorry got sidetracked from my actual message .. but what I’m saying is sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are human, not everything you se

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