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Grab your popcorn, "Oldheads" the Series is Back for Season 3!

(Tony Chennault on set of 'OldHead) Philadelphia's very own Writer, Producer and Director Tony Chennault created a web series titled "Oldhead" in honor of the men in his neighborhood who served as the positive male role models in his life. Chennault grew up in a single parent household with really no male direction in his life. By constantly never having to look to far for male advice he wanted to give something back to today's youth. After graduating college he noticed that Philly was in its worst condition yet, he didn't know where to start but he knew he wanted to impact the city. After trying to find comfort in the film industry Chennault decided to become the man in charge and take You

Culture Con NYC- Researcher Andrew McCaskil drops some jewels on Urban News Host

This past weekend on October 13th, we had the pleasure of attending Culture Con NYC. With panelist such as Charlamagne the God, Angela Yee, Remy Ma, Terrence Nance, and much more. We were excited to chop it up with people who look like us, talk like us and dress like us. Andrew McCaskill is a trained researcher for African American women and men, he shared some of his data research with host Kay. dotttt, take a look!

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