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How to Save Big Money in A Short Amount of Time

Do not splurge! I repeat do not splurge! To save properly you have to be able to spend money without going past your limit. Learning your limit is the most important process in saving. Everyday when you leave the house you should have a set amount on how much you would like to spend in your head. I try not to pass $40, but if you have a car try to spend at least $50-80 depending on what type of car you own. Now when I set the range between $50-80 its to allow you to go in between that amount. I don't usually spend $40 everyday to be completely honest, that's just my budget. I will not allow myself to go over that because I would hate to ruin my saving cycle. Now, I don't know about you but i

Kodak Black’s Album Release Party, Our thoughts on the Album and More

Kodak Blacks listening party was quite interesting. He came to NYC with a mission, and that was to turn heads. The venue was the best part of the event, it took place in Harlem Parrish which is an old ass church in Harlem, New York. Instead of chairs, he had pews, instead of a host he had a pastor, instead of Bottle girls he had the choir. It was definitely something out of a movie. Now with the hit single, “ZeZe” Kodak Black has some more bangers on there, such as Identity Theft, Take One, and In the Flesh. With all the controversy surrounding young Kodak, we were all shook when he dropped the album cover. Yes, I know the southern rapper surprises us every time BUT seriously would you

DoeleeWu Listening Party

NYC is always prepared for a new sound wave especially if it’s coming from uptown Harlem. We got to experience the rap group for the first time ever and we have so many thoughts to share with you. But first let’s introduce you to who they are; Rich Relly and D Cash are a part of the group "Doelee Wu". Their music was in the hands of Def Jam artist sex symbol Dave East, and many more. Alright let’s get into their outfits, first they both had on bulletproof vest that was painted with the words "In 2 Deep”. Which was pretty interesting because the whole theme of the party was streetwear, it kind of reminded us of a Wu-Tang event. Secondly, they brought out a big crowd who actually knew their mu

VIBEZ- Twerk Out Class Hit or Miss??

Who doesn’t love a little twerk out with their friends? Carlyenne Michele the choreographer had made dancing fun again for me and my peers. Getting ratchet now and then is healthy for the soul, and why not let loose with your girls. She knew what it was when the City Girls "Twerk" classic came on, which she choreographed it perfectly for our group. Sometimes as a old dancer, you can get a little nervous when you’re in a new class, but not this one! Carly was sweet and she took her time teaching the intense moves. Chillld we were all tired but to see Carlyenne constantly dance with full energy was so dope! If your interested in having a fun class over the weekend check her out, the classe

David Banner Talks New Movie and Declining future drug dealing movie

Activist/Rap artist David Banner sat down with media correspondent Akanke Jackson, to discuss his new movie "Never Heard." With informing the people about the mentality in the black community Mr. Banner decided to take on the role of a drug dealer who risked his life to feed his family. While going to jail he faced court issues and the disconnection from his son played by Romeo Miller. Yes, we know the typical black movie, but David describes it as fundamental. His co-stars are Kandi Burruss, Robin Williams, Romeo Miller, Karrueche Tran and many more. We asked Mr. Banner some interesting questions take a look!

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