Save Money Honey and Travel More Outside Of A Car!

Do you love to travel? When out of town, most peoples means of transportation is in some sort of vehicle. Do you have a car, and seem to always find yourself behind the wheel? Renting a car is ALWAYS an option, and even finding the easiest way to get around simply by ordering an Uber or Lyft. Well here is your chance to take advantage of this year being, “the year to travel without a car”. With many other options to choose from, let’s just say it could be a little adventurous to lessen your carbon footprint when traveling. Here are a few things that you can try during your travels: Public Transportation (buses, trains, and trolleys): Once out of an isolation zone of a personal vehicle, you

Blac Chyna back at it again!

2019 just started and Blac Chyna just seems to love drama already. She has recently taken a trip to Hawaii with her new boo Kid Buu. Police officers and paramedics were called to the Ritz-Carlton Residences where Blac Chyna and Kid Buu were staying. The two had a heated argument and someone called 911. Sources say the two were “intoxicated” during the argument. According to TMZ, Chyna allegedly scratched him and he threw her against a wall and choked her. Looks like that relationship is over and done with. On to the next one Chyna! Let’s not forget that Blac Chyna missed her court-scheduled time with her daughter Dream. But instead she is in Hawaii getting “intoxicated” and fighting with Kid

Urban News stops by and chops it up with Cliff Vmir, Lil'Mo and Hubby

Cliff Vmir is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Cardi B, Amour Jayda, Lil' Mo and more. Last year Cliff decided to put the hair extensions down and work on perfecting his rap career. He has joined the BET family by bringing 'Wigout' to life. His show captures his everyday struggle from music to becoming an entrepreneur. Cliff is aiming to become a hair mogul and he dares anyone to stop him.

Will the New Documentary on Netflix 'Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never happened' Stop the

If your not living under a rock than you know of the most talked about film on Netflix titled "Fyre: the Greatest Party That Never Happened." To be completely honest the documentary didn't make me feel bad not one bit. I did however shed a tear for the restaurant owner who spent her life savings to feed her staff in the Bahamas. Billy Mcfarland and Ja Rule should take all the blame, for allowing "false advertisement" to go this far. For at least eight to 10 years social media has glamorize the idea of becoming an Influencer. With all due respect, I think Influencers are the greatest accomplishment for online advertisements but are they a great influence on society? After completing the docum

Upcoming Rap Musician Lawd P talks Soullennial Project, Instagram Crush and R.Kelly Scandal and more

With Rap music being so commercial it’s pretty hard to differentiate what's original. Urban News sat down with rap musician Lawd P, who is an upcoming rapper and entrepreneur based out of Brooklyn, NY. With Caribbean roots, and a strong musical background Lawd challenged himself to become a well-rounded artist, such as creating a lifestyle brand, and becoming a songwriter. As New York City is one of the biggest marketplaces for music Lawd P fell in love with rap and grew apperception for R&B at such a young age. His brother showed him the ropes when he entered his first rap battle, of course, it was all fun and games but Lawd was addicted to performing. After many years of practicing music,

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