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A New Music HeatWave is Hitting the Winter Season

I would like to say on record that this has been one of the coldest winters I have ever experienced, physically and mentally. Being that as it may, the artist Aurum has brought a refreshing HeatWave to this bitter season. Aurum’s project ‘HeatWave’, like what the title suggests, creates a rare, unusual yet pleasurable experience for her listeners. The project is not only soulful and transparent but so is she. She’s the type of vibe you play when you wake up on a Sunday Morning: a day of rest, no stress, and self-care. A “Burn your incense, light some candles, clean the house, and make breakfast in an oversized sweatshirt” type of project. When I first listened to “Know Your Name”, the 5th so

Are New Foldable Phones Preparing Us for a Future in Augmented Reality?

The Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X just gave us a glimpse of the future with their new foldable phones. This is a fresh new innovative start in the phone market being that over time we haven't seen any real amazing new innovations. Though with the hype around these phones it will be a minute till we will start seeing them on the street is that they are being retailed at $2000. With all the attention these phones are getting within the tech world you'll soon see other phone companies trying to hop on the new wave very soon. For the past couple of years, we have seen a trend in the phone industry. Phones are getting bigger with wider screens and may not be just a trend but could be leading us t

Shopping With Urban News Ep: Taylor Eve

Kay. Dotttt got a chance to visit the Phluid Project with singer/songwriter Taylor Eve as she gets ready for her upcoming performance. We discussed her style, getting discovered by Snoop Dogg, her deep music background and a lot more. Download her new single "Everything" on all streaming platforms! Also follow her on Instagram: @tayloreve to keep up with her new music. Host: @kay.dotttt Videographer: Ray Tromp

The Thompson, Woods, Kardashian Drama

I recently just wrote the blog post “Tristan Thompson Seen Partying in Los Angeles Without Khloe Kardashian By His Side.” I ended the blog by asking readers if they will ever get back together? WHEW CHILE Well Tristan Woods made sure they weren’t getting back together. I’m pretty sure everybody knows by now but if you don’t….. Tristan Thompson has been flirting and hanging with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenners best friend and the God-Mother of her daughter. Kylie and Jordyn are best friend that live together and even share a make-up line ‘Kylie x Jordyn collection’. The two were basically inseparable. Sources say they saw Woods and Thompson all over each other at a recent house party. The Kardas

Tristan Thompson Seen Partying in Los Angeles Without Khloe Kardashian By His Side

If you are a follower of the Kardashian family then you would already know that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship has been a roller coaster. Even before their babygirl True arrived they have been going through a lot as a couple. As Valentines Day approached us last week, many people wondered if the two were still together. Khloe recently admitted that True and herself spend very little time with Tristan. Despite this, Tristan sent Khloe an amazing floral arrangement for Valentines Day. I honestly thought they were on good terms but I guess not. The same night, Khloe was posting mushy quotes on Instagram, Tristan was seen partying and 'flirting' with females until the early

Serene MGMT Gramophone Spectacular Event

With Grammy Awards swiftly approaching this past weekend, I had the pleasure starting Grammy Week off by attending Serene Management & Von Vargas Music’s Gramophone Tastemakers “Mid Day” Mixer. This industry networking event allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and network with up and coming talent, producers, and publicists within the entertainment industry, specifically in music. When I first stepped into the open venue, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by Nia,(@niaevents) the Events & PR lead for Serene Management and the co-founder of Ladies in the Industry and Von Vargas (@vonvargas), President of the Recording Academy & artist, producer, and songwriter. Unlike most netw

Super (Underwhelming) Bowl At The Atrium

t’s funny that the Super Bowl was three days ago and damn near nobody is talking about it due to the low scoring snooze fest that took place during Sunday evening. Earlier this week I slid to the Atrium in Atlanta to see what I hoped would be the massacre of the New England Patriots by the hands of the Los Angeles Rams. Sadly that is not what happened as what unfolded that night as the game that was hyped up to be an offensive onslaught turned out to be less exciting then watching grass grow. The only touchdown came in the 4th quarter by the Patriots when the Rams finally slipped up and finally allowed Tom Brady to score and eventually win the game. However, the venue I was it didn’t end up

#BlackGirlMagic H.E.R. Shines Bright at the Grammys

It was a great night for our girl H.E.R. The California native took home two grammy awards last night, Best R&B Performance for her song with Daniel Caeser, “Best Part” and Best R&B Album "HER". Did you know that she won best R&B album even though it was an EP? That shows you that Black Girl Magic is real! Not only did she win, she also performed “Hard Place” on the Grammys stage. When she won her first grammy of the night she received a standing ovation from the audience. Her hard work and dedication throughout the years is finally being recognized. Congratulations H.E.R. keep being you and creating amazing music. If you don’t have it already, check out the Grammy winning album H.E.R which

Spring Break Safety Tips

Spring break season is here and we want to make sure you are prepared for it all. Whether you are traveling near or far these 5 spring break tips will help you stay safe while enjoying the fun. 1.THINK SMART If you see something negative walk the other way and refrain from that area. Make sure to scan your environment and make sure you know all exits for emergency purposes. 2. WATCH YOUR DRINK If you are old enough to drink, please be cautious. Try to avoid having strangers buy you a drink, even though we like the word “FREE”. If you let a stranger buy you a drink, make sure to watch the bartender making it. This would be the perfect time for someone to slip something in there. If you alrea

Lori Harvey Is Finessing The Industry

Lori Harvey is playing games but lets see who’s scoring. Lately, we’ve been hearing about Lori Harvey and Trey Songz boo’d up. People even tried to play Trey because he posted a picture of her feet on instagram. Well guess what…. Lori was also messing with Justin Combs, Future and Trey Songz at the same damn time. Lori boo, YOU ARE A PLAYER. Just when you thought the list was done. Lori Harvey was also engaged to soccer player, Memphis Depay. When the two split, Memphis released the diss track “No Love” about Lori leaving him for Trey Songz. If you don’t know who Lori Harvey is well listen up! She is known as the daughter of Steve and Marjorie Harvey. Born into the money and will always be a

Black Authors On The Rise! Aron Gadson Book Release Party “You Already Won”

Another Black Author making success. There’s a new black author on the market and he goes by the name of Aron Gadson. Aron is a black entrepreneur born and raised in NYC with determination to make it to the top. So far, he has started a few businesses, owns several properties, and now he just released his own book. His new book “You Already Won” reflects on his life journey and the obstacles that he has faced throughout his lifetime. In celebration of his new book, the release party was held at this amazing venue, The Cecil, a famous steak-house located in Harlem. The event was filled with the family of Gadson, friends, supporters, and even celebrity appearances. Yandy Smith, Asap Ferg, and

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