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BET Weekend 2019!

Last weekend was one for the books. I traveled from New York to Los Angeles, California for BET Weekend. Though I arrived on Friday, the festivities started earlier that week. There were a number of events and concerts for people to attend. On Saturday, Urban News went to the BET Experience held at the LA Convention Center. When we entered the convention center the first thing we saw was the huge BET sign. This seemed to be the first stop everyone made once they walked in. As time went on there was a line to take a photos with the life size BET sign . The room was colorful with a number of things to do. We decided to walk around and get familiar with everything before partaking in the actual

Artentrepreneur Festival or The Swag Show?

Artentrepreneur Festival should’ve never created a space so dope for young black creatives, it only boosted my love for our culture even harder. I always find it exciting when I do an event for the first time with many of my peers. As I did research for Artentrepreneur Festival I had no idea what to expect, and to be honest I did that on purpose. I wanted to completely be blind of my knowledge before I got my wig snatched. New York City is the home for creativity if your a small town girl like me you’ve yearned to become apart of the crowd you so desperately need. As I entered the venue I was immediately excited, I’ve never been to an event where everyone looked attractive. The ladies perfec

Atlanta's Hottest Tourist Attraction: The Trap Music Museum

What started as a pop-up museum has turned into one of Atlanta's hottest tourist Attractions. The Trap Music Museum opened in October 2018 and has been on a roll since then. It is curated by T.I. and co- curated by Antwanette McLaughlin. The museum plays homage to trap music, rappers, and the culture. It is also managed by Krystal Garner, T.I.'s The Grand Hustle winner. When you first walk in , you are in a corner store. It was represented perfectly from the spaghetti sauce to the backwoods. To be honest if you didn’t know better, you would try to buy something. The next room is Granma Mamie's living room. You see a couch covered with plastic, drug paraphernalia, photos of Cardi B, Gucci, T.

Whats Going On In The Dominican Republic?

Everybody wants to go on vacation and have a great time. Nowadays we can’t even go on vacation and feel free. Lately we have been hearing about the terrible deaths in the Dominican Republic. Day by day new travelers come forward saying they have experienced the same symptoms as these other people or have love ones that have passed away there. Everyone who has experienced sickness in DR had a drink from the mini bar or actually bar. So what is going on? Families are now coming forward saying many of there loved ones have experienced this. One family said their daughter went to the Dominican Republic with her fiancé for vacation. She had one drink from the mini bar, went to take a nap, and nev

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