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MOTD: Motivation of the day

We all want to be successful and achieve our wildest dreams. As humans, the imagery of being successful keeps us wanting to grow more and working hard. Some people dream of it, and some make it happen. If you have a strong desire and determination your passion will never fail. Failures should be your reason to keep going because that means you are making progress. Here are five motivational tips to help you get through your journey to success. DREAM: Always allow yourself to dream, don’t get trapped into the routine of working so hard you forget your dreams, and what you wanted all your life. You’ll start to attract everything you want, and doubt will never enter your mind. CONTROL: Allowing

Hot Girl Summer Video Shut down by Law Enforcement

Hot Girl Meg, Nicki Minaj and Ty dolla sign “Hot Girl Summer” video almost became a cold girl summer when LAPD use their force to shut down the festivities -- but don’t worry, things did get warmer. Now to the reason why you all came to this post. According to TMZ, the legal party crashers attempted to shut down Meg’s and Nicki’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ video last Friday, in the Mount Olympus are in Los Angeles. Supposedly production didn’t secure proper permits before they saddle their way to the heart of Hollywood Hills. Bummer right. Nicki and Ty booked a house close to the set to shoot the main portion of the video, but unfortunately, high profile SNITCHES in the neighborhood cancele

Exclusive: Jay-Z and The NFL Team Up On Entertainment and Social Justice Partnership

The NFL and Roc Nation will team up on an entertainment and social justice partnership, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post. Roc Nation will be apart of the selection process for the Super Bowl along with a number of other events. It is expected that Roc Nation will help boost the NFL's "Inspire Change" program, an initiative that partners with players to fight social injustice, according to ESPN. Every since the Colin Kapernick protest back in 2016, the NFL has been receiving backlash in regards to social injustices. Many players then began to take a knee during the national anthem. President Trump criticized the protests, slamming the league's ratings and saying players should

Urban News Staff Pick: Top 10 Influential Rappers from 2009 - 2019

The best rappers list has been floating around and fans have been choosing who really deserves the GOAT title. With that being said I’ve decided to make a list of the best rappers of this current decade. (2009-2019). *NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ALL-TIME LIST* Before I get into the list, I want to explain the different criterion used to make my selections. Impact on the game, popularity, lyrical talent, longevity, and albums are the five factors I used. Along with each artist I’ve also selected one popular song from this decade. So without further delay here is MY LIST (Feel free to disagree) ** Honorable Mention** Nipsey Hussle (Last Time That I Checc’d) We will not do a hip hop list and not includ

The Four Steps You Need to Know to Cure Your Mental Health

Life throws many curve balls at us that helps or renders us. The outcome depends on your perception of the situation. Each individual on this earth has a gift and purpose. The barriers we face tests our spiritual self. Society gives us an outline of what steps to take and what rules to follow, to reach this unattainable success we imagine. Trusting your decisions, and believing in your abilities will lend to your unique journey of success. But obtaining that victory is not easy, we have to remove obstacles from our path in order to become a better version of ourselves to get the things we worked for. Realization: Being honest with yourself. If you don't tell yourself the truth you will neve

Is Instagram Hiding Carnival Content?

It’s carnival season and Instagram is on a hidden spree. There have been a number of people complaining about Instagram hiding their photos of Carnival. Carnival is the time to let go and be free. People travel all over the world to participate in the lively events. You can see colorful costumes, beautiful people, food, dancing, and everyone having a good time. While many carnival goers post all their photos on Instagram and include different hashtags. When clicking on the trending carnival hashtags, at the top of the Instagram page there is a paragraph. For Antigua carnival goers it said this: “Recent posts from #antiguacarnival2019 are currently hidden because the community has reported s

Throw The Whole List Away!

Recently The Brew Podcast from Ohio released their list of the “ Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time”. Whew Chile, they need to throw the list away and start over. The list starts with Jay-Z as number one, followed by Nas as number two and Joe Budden as number three. When was the last time Joe Budden made a song? He's been trending on Twitter because of this "list". With all the feedback from everyone, this is what he has to say: Also, who is Black Thought? After doing some research, Black Thought is the lead rapper of the Philly based group “The Roots”. But why is he number three on the list. They put him before Biggie and Tupac! I think theres a big big problem there. There are so many ir

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