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10 Artists To Look Out For In 2021!

The end of 2020 couldn’t have come any faster; it was a struggle to get through but we made it. Despite the crazy unpredictable conditions of the world, music has remained the only stable constant. There are a few upcoming artists who didn’t let CoronaVirus impact their creativity and made 2020 their year despite the circumstances. It takes a large amount of determination and resilience to make notable strides in the Music Industry, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Here are a few names that you should watch out for in 2021.

Chris Patrick

This New Jersey native has wordplay and storytelling abilities that can’t be replicated. Having already been compared to J Cole, gaining the attention of T-Pain, and a feature from Deante Hitchcock, there’s no telling how far Chris Patrick will go in 2021. The recent release of his project “From The Heart Vol. 2” takes you on a ride through his consciousness while allowing you the space to critique your own.

Kaylee Ameri

Another artist putting on for the East Coast, New Jersey songstress Kaylee Ameri has a growing social media backing and after one listen the reason why is clear. Crisp tones, versatility, and her playful nature puts her in a lane of her own.The most recent project Safe and Secure has tracks that’ll make you want to dance and some that’ll get you in your bag - which is the beauty of Kaylee Ameri.


A strong team will always take you far no matter the discipline, and this Long Island based Label and music collective is a great example of that. Composed of mainly rappers, TBM has an alternative sound that can’t be found anywhere else. Bert Knox, LaMuse, GlenWorldTour, and yeahCaleb have complementary music styles but are unique enough to stand on their own. Their 2019 album PULP is a physical representation on these artists form the perfect balance.

Nate Joel

Name a wack rapper coming out of the DMV - you can’t; and Nate Joel is no exception. Strong wordplay and even stronger visuals adds to this rapper's appeal. The ability to assimilate across genres is one that can be lost on this generation's round of rappers but not for Nate as he floats between Hip-Hop and R&B poetry. As his social media following increases so does the anticipation for his 2021 project.


If you’re into the ethereal sounds of Jhene Aiko you’re going to love Nathi. With a tone that replicates the feeling of a warm lavender bath and lyrics that melt into poetry Nathi is a clear standout in the R&B and Soul genre. Written and produced by the Tree Girl herself, her recent project, TheTreeGirlSessions, was released in November and is available on all streaming platforms.

Kidd Kenn

Double NNs’! This openly gay 17 year old Chicago native has had multiple freestyles and music videos go viral and if you’ve seen any, it’s so clear why. Every track is high energy with a multitude of quotables; it’s impossible to listen to his music and not feel confident. If he’s not on your get ready playlist, he should be.


One place you can always count on talent to come out of is Chicago. NuworldKayo utilizes a more classical style of rap without sounding outdated. With his ability to execute double and triple entendres without sacrificing the storytelling quality, NuWorldKayo is a Hip Hop lovers dream. The most recent single I’m Out This B*tch exemplifies this perfectly.

Rai Smith

Drill music picked up a lot of steam in the past year and it’s not letting up anytime soon. Rai Smith is one of the strongest upcoming Drill artists hailing out of NYC. When it comes to Drill, the main complaint is that all the songs sound so similar, but Rai Smiths’ style sets him apart from the rest. Popular songs like Brush Em and Skarred have gotten a lot of love in clubs throughout NYC and down South which is why his DreamDoll cosign came as no surprise.

Kali K

2020 proved to be the year for the Bad B*tch rappers - you know the women whose lyrics are all about amping up themselves and their listeners. With consistent video content KaliK has proven that she belongs in that category as well. The first EP This Why They Mad, with a feature from KenTheMann is set to release on January 16th.

Tiana Major9

If you’ve seen the popular film Queen and Slim you’ve heard the sultry and soulful sounds of Tiana Major9. Collide was featured on the film's soundtrack and received a grammy nomination. TianaMajor9 can be compared stylistically to Nao because of her ability to play with different tones. The debut album, Between Sixes and Sevens taps into raw emotion as is available acoustically.

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