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Virginia Beach rapper BeachboyTae, has set the tone for up and coming rappers, with his edgy attitude toward his music, you can say he got the 757 on lock. With his top single “Magnolia” hitting 9.6k views on YouTube, along with a number of sold out shows, and thousands of likes on Instagram, we have to say that he’s not too far from fame. The single “Save me”, a sample from Meek Mill’s ‘Wins and losses’ album, showed Tae in his most vulnerable state. The 757 rapper airs out family issues and being a victim of gun violence. “Whoever tried to kill me had weak bullets or my grandmother was watching over me.” With danger in his way he found music to cope with the pain and misery of his past life. BeachboyTae and his friends, started a label called ‘BeachBoyEnt’, and not only are they all rappers, but they rep Virginia Beach hard and plan on putting the state itself back on the map. 2018 seems like it's treating the BeachBoys well, with three back to back shows, touring the 7 cities in VA, and new visuals dropping every week, they seem to keep their fans on their toes.

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