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Culture II Thoughts?

January 26th Culture II was released and let’s say fans had their expectations high. With 3 leaked tracks (Stir Fry, Narcos, and Superstar) I thought Migos was about to have my ass selling dope on the corner of Nordstrand and Gates Ave. But after listening to the whole album I felt like I was flying first class to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air, because it wasn’t on the trappin’ level that I’m used to. As Migos climbs the charts their popularity goes up and their trappin’ goes down.

Migos has been doing a great job making me feel “Bad & Bougee” but let’s be real I wanna feel like I’m selling crack out of my window.

After “Versace” which was remixed by our favorite Canadian rapper Drake, Migos has done us no wrong. Especially when they were about to jump Joe Budden. And yes I did just say that.

“Culture II” was lit don’t get me wrong, but with 24 songs, 1 hour & 42 minutes of non-stop Migos my attention span was limited. Making a mixtape out of the most influential songs would have been the right choice, but hey this might be the new trend. In late 2017 Chris Brown too released over 20 songs with ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’ with topping Migos with 45 songs, which makes Breezy the original trendsetter.

I have to always give props when its do, I’ll never knock a hustla’ down. But if you do it, do it right ‘“okurrrrrr” -Cardi B. voice

Many fans stated that its a complete replica of Culture I, and I would have to agree. However, they did get lit on Walk it like I Talk it featuring Drake. Isn’t it weird that when Migos and Drake get in the studio they have a weird bond something like a bromance?

Enough of me talking let us know what you think down below…

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