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The Government shut down again y'all

If you're like me and you fell asleep early thursday night, you know you woke up to some bullS****!

Thursday night congress couldn't agree on the bipartisan budget deal. The deal was designed by the Republicans to increase military spending by billions of dollars for the next two years. With spending billions of dollars they hope to create more programs and jobs for returning veterans. Democratic party members like Senator Bernie Sanders were voting against it because the bill isn't designed to help undocumented immigrants.

Friday morning at 6 am Congress voted to reopen the government, and passed the massive budget deal. It looks like the House of Representatives voted 240-186. "The GOP-controlled chamber needed help from House Democrats to clear the bill, and 73 Democratic members gave it. Sixty-seven House Republicans voted against the plan." quoted from CNN.

Lets hope they are actually going to provide more programs and jobs for our military brothas! I am not too stoked for black men fighting a war for Amerikkka, but I do want them to come home to more jobs and affordable housing.

Anywho, let me know how you feel about the recent government shut down...

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