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The Revolution is NOW!

Thursday night NYU hosted "The Revolution is Now" a program hosted by NYU students for NYU students, but my blackass was in there "okurrrr"-Cardi B. voice

Activist like Amanda Seales, Murrow Bergdorf, Charles Blow, and Journalist Clay Cane were on the panel, as they discussed topics like, Black Twitter, Lady GaGa, voting and plus much more.

Spike Lee the G.O.A.T of film was presented with the Humanitarian award. As Spike, accepted his award he started talking about the moment he found out about Martin Luther King Jr. death. Which of course was a deep moment for black history, which inspired Spike to create only movies with a powerful message.


During one of the panel discussions Amanda Seales, stated that she recently got in trouble with Black Twitter for calling out Lady GaGa. Read the tweet below.

Do you think Amanda was wrong? Should she have gave GaGa a hand? (comment below)

Moving along

The Panelist also talked about the role of Hollywood, "becoming mainstream is white washing" which is true. If you don't know Hollywood is known for being racist. Many production companies have put money into an all black film in hoping the movie will do good in the box office, to raise more money for white mainstream films. Ain't that some s***

The panelist had plenty to say about racism in their career. Clay Cane stated that he was told by a white writer that "you should write more about your white side, you'll make a hell of alot more money" What does that even mean? Its interesting to me how society can encourage white people to value themselves more than any minority.

Amanda Seales dominated the panel with her spunky attitude and her goofy jokes, lets just say she was a crowds favorite.

Anywho lets wrap this up like a Chingy album...

Comment below and let us know what your thinking

Remember to always keep it U.R.B.A.N

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