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Blac Chyna did you do this?

Blac Chyna .. Blac Chyna.. Blac Chyna., My .. My .. My.. you can’t get no messier than this! Why are you even making sextapes, knowing your Industry relationships ain’t last no longer than 5 years. Now let’s be honest, when you encounter these situations what possible questions are going through your head?

  1. this will make Tyga want me back

  2. I am going to top Kim’s video

  3. No one will ever see this

Inquiring minds would really like to know.

Well let me just tell you this that was the worst #@*! EVER! Please keep it because we don’t want it!!! And those of you asking who is the male in the video, should all know it ain’t Rob cause .. well .. you know.

But however you didn’t top MiMi Faust shower rod incident, try a little harder next time Chy. The funny thing about this whole situation is CHYNA IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAD THE VIDEO! No one hacked her phone nor stole it. We know you leaked it yourself sis, business was dying down so you needed a little attention to make ish happen.

Y’all Industry babymamas have got to stop embarrassing yourself, you're destroying your brand and your kids by being this messy.

First of all you need a new publicist and a new story cause we .. ain’t .. buying .. it! No but for real your publicist should use some vibranium metal to clean this mess up. Your past and your future needs some serious attention.

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