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Will Smith drops Keys on Instagram

Will Smith had the internet feeling invincible Friday, evening on Instagram. He dropped some keys on how to become successful.

Many people have always wondered how to break down the door to success. Well U.R.B.A.N News has some tips to success for you: 1. Believe in your self! - Think about what your good at (it can be anything) and stick to it! 2. Find a team who believes in the same things you do. - this is the era of “millennials” hashtag all things related to your craft and you will find your match. 3. Make sure you surround yourself with people who believe in you. - The company you keep can bring you UP or bring you DOWN. 4. When you have done step 1-3, realize that you have just created your OWN platform - if you can’t do what you love to do broke, this is not going to work. 5. Give back! - Not only to charity but for our brotha’s and sista’s who need a platform - If you never helped anyone else be successful than what is your success? I hope you all will take our KEYS into consideration, this road is not easy but who said it will be? We want you all to know that you CAN, and you WILL BE anything YOU want to be, just remain humble and hungry. Everything will come in the end. URBAN NEWS is currently on step 3, what step are you on?

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