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Zone 4 Mafia (Treyylo, Kay Real, CB, Snoopay Fiasco)

Zone 4 Mafia: (Treyylo, Kay Real, CB, Snoopay Fiasco)

We finally had the chance to sit down and talk to Zone 4 Mafia, the newest rap group coming out of Far Rockaway, New York. With only four members in the group three rappers and one producer they decided to form the supernatural band back in 2016. “We just did it for the fun of it, we didn’t really see it as a rap group, no real thought into it, we were just regular friends trying out something new.” said Treyylo.

Coming from one of the worst parts of NYC Treyylo, CB, Snoopay Fiasco and Kay Real were eager to make a name for themselves in the music industry. Producer/songwriter Snoopay Fiasco hustles the dormitory at Delaware State University selling music beats often to his friends and classmates, to help him make some extra cash while he’s away from home. Like Snoopay, Kay also uses his body as an instrument. He’s a singer/songwriter and creator for all Z4M projects. Being considered as one of Hip-Hop underdogs they have to work twice as hard. The groups creativity is unmatched, when we asked them where they get their inspiration from, Treyylo simply stated that they get inspired by each other. Their energy creates a vibe so magnificent whenever they write together they create a phenomenal track each and every time.

Their song “Benzo” had fans going crazy and wanting more, with over 28,000 views on YouTube and over 600 likes they were able to perform at New York University, Baruch College, and many more. When we met the group we had no idea how they impacted UN, their energy and vibe was one of a kind. We wish nothing but the best for Zone 4 Mafia, it was great connecting with them and learning their story, here are some additional questions from their interview:

UN: Where did the name Zone 4 Mafia come from?

It started out with 4 we used the acronym F.O.U.R which stood for Family Of the Under Rated. The name Zone came from the side of Far Rockaway we all resided in. It was like our own section and it felt like we were in our own zone on that side. Mafia was to just to describe how we moved as a group everything is real in house and we don’t really ask to much favors from anybody

UN: Who is your inspiration in the music industry?

Our inspiration in the music business is everybody who came before us that did it big. We still watch re runs of yo MTV raps, soul train, and performances by kid n play. It just makes us feel good knowing that we’ll be able to tell my kids I was apart of this dope ass business that changed hundreds of kids lives from the hood

UN: Out of you four, who do you all consider the most creative?

Kay is definitely the most creative just off the strength that he uses his voice as a instrument and he’s not scared to sing or step outside the box of what he usually does plus his vision is what you see and hear now

UN: Who’s the funniest one out the group?

Treyylo is the funniest n@&!* in the group, he has us rolling everytime we all link, We get inspiration from him

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