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Daze Summit 2018 Review

Daze Summit… Daze Summit… if you are ever in the New York City area and looking for a week-long festival please follow their page to get the hookup.

This past week I had the opportunity to make many of their events and network with the dopest creatives NYC had to offer. One thing that I love about this organization is that they have an eye for people who are hungry to make it, there were people that I have worked with and met prior to the event. Of course, your going to say “duhhhhh” Y'all are in the same bracket you’re going to run into each other, and yes we are! But let me tell you something, It's all about networking across baby…

It's exciting when you see the same people you grind with at the same event as you trust me!! I also saw two of our subjects that we interviewed Jay Prob and Z4M, as they performed their latest hits. I was so proud of my guys they had the stage ROCKIN’! It was dope because it was my first time witnessing them perform, I felt like a proud mom.

To kick off the week-long festival we all had a chance to network at the network mixer, where they had games, drinks, vendors and music. I felt like I was at a black indoor carnival it was LIT!

On Saturday, April 7th I attended the Women In Media panelist discussion with Jamila Mustafa, Nya Allen-Jatel and Streetsy B. They discussed social topics that all women of color should know when entering the media business such as how to maintain relationships, how to address yourself in the workplace, and how to stand out in the sea of people competing for your job.

For those of who don’t know I had the opportunity to interview Jamila for All Hip Hop Dot Com, (if you haven’t check it out now) it was dope reconnecting with her again and hearing about her recent adventures.

For the last night of the week-long festival Daze Summit prepared a concert for artist competing for a chance to win tickets to Paris, France. Many competed but only a few were selected.

Daze Summit is a fundraiser that was created to raise money for high school seniors students attending college in the fall.

Thank you Daze Summit for inviting U.R.B.A.N NEWS to your festival, we will definitely back be next year!

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