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Do you need to take a hiatus from Social Media?

Sometimes in today’s world, you live your life through your social media account. Think about it every morning do you read the newspaper or check your Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram feed? Sometimes it works out perfect for you because you're able to get the news without reading. But what your feed is neglecting you to do is follow up with the Trump case, or tell you the economic decrease in our economy.

Yeah “This is America” isn’t just a good song with hidden messages. It’s actually informing you to understand what’s going on in AMERICA! ... sorry got sidetracked from my actual message .. but what I’m saying is sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are human, not everything you see on social media is true. Your friend who just got that record deal has to sell 500,000 copies to make $275,000 that they have to break up for his team. Or that YouTuber who lives such a glamorous life is in debt.

After graduating college I literally worked non stop, and not work a 9 to 5 but I worked on my brand, for other people and create content just because. Sounds all peachy right? Well I wasn’t making any money, I mean it’s cool to do stuff for free but it can get depressing. So what I do now is spend less time on social media and find ways to help bring money into my business. Attend webinars, workshops, at least try to make 3-5 events a week, just to network because you NEVER know who you are going to meet.

Have you taken a hiatus from your social media life? Let us know down below

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