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Dreamdoll: Life in Plastic 2 Listening Party and Concert NYC

Reality TV star turned music artist Dreamdoll dropped her second EP titled "Life In Plastic 2" on September 7th. With a personality as big as hers she can fill an entire room! You can say this was no average listening party, more like a concert. Dream sold tickets for general admission and VIP where fans stood outside for 2.5 hours in the rain just to watch her perform, The party was hosted by Instagram breakout star and "MTV's Wildin Out" comedian Vena Excell also known as YesImPrettyVee. Dream had fans travel from Ohio, Connecticut and Philly to come out and support her new music.

Artist such as Gunna, Donshea Hopkins, Jaque, and Mariah Lynn came to support the artist second EP. Only knowing the artist from TV I had no idea what to expect from her music, but her fans screamed loud and proud during her performance. After the show I spoke with Donshea to catch up on her current projects.

Akanke: I just recently seen your performance on in the Bobby Brown biopic. How was the feedback from the movie?

Donshea: It was really good! I was able to tell the story of Bobby Christina. People loved it.

Akanke: After playing Bobby Christina, what is your next goal?

Donshea: Work on my music, and definitely push out more content.

After a very dramatic performance Dreamdoll met with 150 guest for a very intimate meet and greet. After press had been patient for hours, We finally had a chance to speak to the reality star and asked her a few questions. I was very interested to knowing her response when Lil Kim accepted her pitch to being featured on "Funeral,"

Akanke: Were you nervous that Lil Kim might decline your offer?

Dreamdoll: Yes! I was shocked when she said yeah!! She hasn't collaborated with a female artist in over 10 years, expcept for Remy Ma. That Was big for lil ol me!

Akanke: What song do you think your fans would connect with more?

Dreamdoll: Definitely, When its over because it was a dark time for me. I deleted all the pictures from Instagram, I was writing depressing music. I wanted my fans to know to never give up! If I can make it out so can you!

Be on the lookout for "Life in Plastic 2" streaming now on all Platforms

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