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Grab your popcorn, "Oldheads" the Series is Back for Season 3!

(Tony Chennault on set of 'OldHead)

Philadelphia's very own Writer, Producer and Director Tony Chennault created a web series titled "Oldhead" in honor of the men in his neighborhood who served as the positive male role models in his life. Chennault grew up in a single parent household with really no male direction in his life. By constantly never having to look to far for male advice he wanted to give something back to today's youth. After graduating college he noticed that Philly was in its worst condition yet, he didn't know where to start but he knew he wanted to impact the city.

After trying to find comfort in the film industry Chennault decided to become the man in charge and take YouTube by storm. With the first season peeking at 600,000 views and raising over $28,000 in capital Let's just say the series is bringing viewers back each season.

"The thing I love most about our series is that, we are exposing people to a craft or a career that kids think is far fetch."

(Oldhead camera crew posing after a night of filming)

Sharing the story of "Oldhead" has opened many doors for Tony and his crew, he had the opportunity to speak with kids of all ages about the importance of decision making and the journey of his awaiting success. His biggest goal is to show kids with similar upbringing as him to know that they can succeed in life.

To learn more about Tony Chennault and "Old Head" the series, here are the additional questions below:

KD: Although your characters have devastating stories did anyone in your life inspire you to create the storyline for each actor?

TC: Yes, most of my inspiration came from my brothers, old heads that I grew up around, and all the different conversations that they had with me, Many of my homeboys that I grew up with went down the wrong path and I knew I didn't want that for myself, I wanted to tell authentic stories that resonate with our people especially kids that can learn, when it comes to decision making.

KD: Have you ever did anything wild when you were a teenager?

TC: Yeah I had my moments of doing dumb things like fighting, ganging up on people, I'm not proud of that, I was very immature. You feel that peer pressure as a teenager because if you don't do it you may seem like a punk to your peers.

KD: What has changed in season 3 from season 1 and 2?

TC: Season 3 we get more in-depth with our characters, you see "Bumpy" creating change such as run for mayor he knows that nothing will get done unless you do it yourself. LA moves to NY to get an idea of who runs the town, while also trying to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend Sonya. Kareem is still trying to rise to power and do whatever it takes to get there, even having differences with his crew over money.

KD: How do you reach out to the youth about "Old Heads"

TC: We typically do an "Oldhead" tour where we speak to different schools whether its a high school, middle school, elementary school, and juvenile detention center. We highlight the importance of the right decision making. We also teach them that its okay to adopt an oldhead as a mentor to be the right role model in your life. Speaking at the detention center it was eye-opening for me because these kids are facing life, and serving time for armed robbery etc. But speaking to these kids one on one, they didn't have a father figure in their life, so when they see us and how we turned out they are inspired. That is what its truly all about I started "Oldhead" to impact the youth and I am here doing what I dreamed about.

By clicking the link Oldhead,

You are able to sign up and watch the full season on November 17

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