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VIBEZ- Twerk Out Class Hit or Miss??

Who doesn’t love a little twerk out with their friends? Carlyenne Michele the choreographer had made dancing fun again for me and my peers. Getting ratchet now and then is healthy for the soul, and why not let loose with your girls. She knew what it was when the City Girls "Twerk" classic came on, which she choreographed it perfectly for our group. Sometimes as a old dancer, you can get a little nervous when you’re in a new class, but not this one! Carly was sweet and she took her time teaching the intense moves. Chillld we were all tired but to see Carlyenne constantly dance with full energy was so dope!

If your interested in having a fun class over the weekend check her out, the classes are super affordable and fun, I have no complaints.

Here is our video from “Twerk Out”!

Follow her production page @viizualvibez

BTW this class was definitely a HIT!

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