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DoeleeWu Listening Party

NYC is always prepared for a new sound wave especially if it’s coming from uptown Harlem. We got to experience the rap group for the first time ever and we have so many thoughts to share with you. But first let’s introduce you to who they are; Rich Relly and D Cash are a part of the group "Doelee Wu". Their music was in the hands of Def Jam artist sex symbol Dave East, and many more.

Alright let’s get into their outfits, first they both had on bulletproof vest that was painted with the words "In 2 Deep”. Which was pretty interesting because the whole theme of the party was streetwear, it kind of reminded us of a Wu-Tang event. Secondly, they brought out a big crowd who actually knew their music, very surprising because people don’t usually care to support new music in this era by unsigned artist. Lastly, they brought out all of Harlem’s upcoming artist such as singer/songwriter Vina Love, rapper Neek Bucks, Ray Mula, Fergie Baby and A$AP Ty.

Oh did I forget?? Shout out to Essentia for sponsoring the event, they were definitely the highlight of my night.

Keep your eyes open for the sneak peek of their new project In 2 Deep, let us know what you think

We have to admit it was a pretty cool event and great vibes. We want to wish the group many success on their new EP and we can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

Follow them on Instagram: @dcash_in2deep


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