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Upcoming Rap Musician Lawd P talks Soullennial Project, Instagram Crush and R.Kelly Scandal and more

With Rap music being so commercial it’s pretty hard to differentiate what's original. Urban News sat down with rap musician Lawd P, who is an upcoming rapper and entrepreneur based out of Brooklyn, NY. With Caribbean roots, and a strong musical background Lawd challenged himself to become a well-rounded artist, such as creating a lifestyle brand, and becoming a songwriter.

As New York City is one of the biggest marketplaces for music Lawd P fell in love with rap and grew apperception for R&B at such a young age. His brother showed him the ropes when he entered his first rap battle, of course, it was all fun and games but Lawd was addicted to performing. After many years of practicing music, he decided to take a leap with teaching the band at a public elementary school in Brooklyn. He’s always had a passion for helping the community.

Artistic creativity is self-taught but it can also generate from a team. The “Soullenial” movement is lifestyle brand and artist development management team founded by Lawd and his friends. ‘Soullenial’ means “we” redefine culture, which is also breaking the negative stigma about their generation. Although their brand represents music, they even sell their own merchandise!!! From hoodies, t-shirts, and hats they completely have it all.

Mr. P newest single titled ‘Who us’ was dedicated to social media popularity, he wants his supporters to know that you don't have to rush for fame. With growing to stardom rapidly you may forget who are, stay dedicated and remember not to lose focus of your own identity!

You may download “Who us” on major platforms today.

Here are his Instagram and business social site

Take a look from some of the additional questions from our interview:

Who are your favorite rappers? Kendrick Lamar J. Cole Nas Jay-Z Blackthought Nipsey Hustle Sky zoo Fabolous Meek Mill

How do you feel about the R.Kelly Scandal? “It’s horrible, the situation should have been solved, we as a people let it pass by. We put it as the “black men always being accused” he shouldn’t exist through music. You can’t separate the two!”

Who would you collaborate with? Kendrick Lamar, I will get O.D competitive. The Ogs like Jay-z and Nas will definitely son me on a record lol

Instagram Crush?

Tracee Ellis Ross

Who is your celebrity BFF in your head? Ella Mai, she seems like she would be a good homegirl

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