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Will the New Documentary on Netflix 'Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never happened' Stop the

If your not living under a rock than you know of the most talked about film on Netflix titled "Fyre: the Greatest Party That Never Happened."

To be completely honest the documentary didn't make me feel bad not one bit. I did however shed a tear for the restaurant owner who spent her life savings to feed her staff in the Bahamas.

Billy Mcfarland and Ja Rule should take all the blame, for allowing "false advertisement" to go this far.

For at least eight to 10 years social media has glamorize the idea of becoming an Influencer. With all due respect, I think Influencers are the greatest accomplishment for online advertisements but are they a great influence on society?

After completing the documentary I had so many thoughts processing in my head such as how long will Instagram determine your popularity status, when will we stop allowing luxury photos to rule our brains and when will rich kids stop spending their money on bulls*t.

The Netflix documentary seemed to target "Billy Mcfarland" who was the official organizer of the whole show. If you ask me EVERYBODY involved is to blame. How can one person continue to push this festival without the help of their team? Everyone knew it was going to be a disaster but nobody had the balls enough to tell the attendees.

Then to top it off, Andy King confirmed why I shouldn't build with clout chasers. If you watch the film then you will remember when he said "I tried to suck d*** to save the festival" now that's prostitution!

Overall the production of the documentary was excellent, however this film was needed! the quote "do it for the gram" has officially gone way to far. Cause bay-bee ain't no way I'll be getting scammed $12,000 over wanna be Instagram influencers.

The question still remains will the new documentary stop the Instagram front? Sadly no I don’t believe that, human beings will continue to show how beautiful life looks on the outside, but deeply battle depression and anxiety on the inside.

If you think I’m wrong let me know in the comments below!

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