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Black Authors On The Rise! Aron Gadson Book Release Party “You Already Won”

Another Black Author making success.

There’s a new black author on the market and he goes by the name of Aron Gadson. Aron is a black entrepreneur born and raised in NYC with determination to make it to the top. So far, he has started a few businesses, owns several properties, and now he just released his own book. His new book “You Already Won” reflects on his life journey and the obstacles that he has faced throughout his lifetime.

In celebration of his new book, the release party was held at this amazing venue, The Cecil, a famous steak-house located in Harlem. The event was filled with the family of Gadson, friends, supporters, and even celebrity appearances. Yandy Smith, Asap Ferg, and Styles P. The location wasn’t the only highlight of the night, the food and dessert was absolutely amazing. For appetizers, they gave out Pepper empanadas, Sliders, Mac and Cheese, and spicy crab cakes. To top it off the desert was delicious, they had a butter-cream cake, banana pudding and red velvet cupcakes.

Even though it was a busy night for Aron, I had the chance to speak him about his new book “You Already Won”, and what he wants his fans to perceive from his book.

A- Monee: Aron, What is one thing you want your audience to take away from your book?

Aron: “ I want them to take away experience. How to solve problems with having limited resources, as well as the odds being against you. I want people to know you don’t have to have all the perfect circumstances to still be a winner.

Check out some exclusive photos from Aron Grandson “You Already Won” Book Release Party here:

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