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Serene MGMT Gramophone Spectacular Event

With Grammy Awards swiftly approaching this past weekend, I had the pleasure starting Grammy Week off by attending Serene Management & Von Vargas Music’s Gramophone Tastemakers “Mid Day” Mixer. This industry networking event allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and network with up and coming talent, producers, and publicists within the entertainment industry, specifically in music.

When I first stepped into the open venue, I was immediately welcomed with open arms by Nia,(@niaevents) the Events & PR lead for Serene Management and the co-founder of Ladies in the Industry and Von Vargas (@vonvargas), President of the Recording Academy & artist, producer, and songwriter. Unlike most networking events I have attended in the past, this event created a networking space that was filled with good vibes, ease, and genuine laughs. These conversations were facilitated through a game where each individual had been separated by their industry: pink sticker - art industry, yellow sticker - music industry , and green sticker - entertainment industry. Within these conversations, we explained our goals for 2019. From there, contacts were exchanged and Instagrams were being followed. If that wasn’t enough, wine & mid-day snacks were served which emphasized the space as a enjoyable meet and greet with everyone who attended.

As the event came to a close, I had the experience of witnessing new and returning talent to the music industry. Suzann Christine (@suzannchristine), a New York based Recording Artist & Songwriter from Philly, sang a snippet of her latest single: Falling Tears.

Suzann Christine - Falling Tears

And Tracey Lee (@traceyleeesq) an American Hip Hop artist and entertainment lawyer, who is best known in 1997 for his single “The Theme (Its Party Time)”, gave his musical testimony and showcased his new album, #ExpecttheUnexpected. Available everywhere (all digital platforms)

I came with the intention to open opportunities for U.R.B.A.N. to associate with other industry guests, which I did, however, I also left with the tools, confidence, and desire to build my own creative empire as a young 22 year old, recent graduate from UCLA, reaching her dreams in the entertainment industry.

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