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A New Music HeatWave is Hitting the Winter Season

I would like to say on record that this has been one of the coldest winters I have ever experienced, physically and mentally. Being that as it may, the artist Aurum has brought a refreshing HeatWave to this bitter season. Aurum’s project ‘HeatWave’, like what the title suggests, creates a rare, unusual yet pleasurable experience for her listeners. The project is not only soulful and transparent but so is she. She’s the type of vibe you play when you wake up on a Sunday Morning: a day of rest, no stress, and self-care. A “Burn your incense, light some candles, clean the house, and make breakfast in an oversized sweatshirt” type of project.

When I first listened to “Know Your Name”, the 5th song on the project, I couldn’t match her voice and style to any singer I know that is out right now. Normally, the 70s funk beat would have contrast her RnB/Soulful voice but with this music project, its synergy is beautiful and feels good to hear. In addition, Aurum adds her personal flair as she fades out the song with a spoken interlude shooting her shot and being a bold with her feelings, tying into what sounds like a recurring theme of transparency, boldness, and self love throughout the project. “Pam Grier”, the first song after the Intro-Lude, creates this same anthem of transparency, boldness and self-love with Jazmine Sullivan type of runs and disco funk rhythms and blues.

When listening to her project, you will feel empowered to not only be comfortable in all your flaws, but have the courage to get out of your comfort zone and better yourself. This type feel good music is refreshing in a world where we are constantly being put down for these exact same reasons. I can tell Aurum is setting the tone for 2019 to be unapologetic and go after what you want most. Allow yourself to be overtaken by the HeatWave during this bitter cold season. It’ll transform your life.

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