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A West Coast Vibe Traveling To A City Near You

Living in the West Coast for about 22 years, I have had the privilege in witnessing some of the best underground artists and creatives who have distinct sounds and personalities. Some have made it to become featured with Drake and others are well on their way, creating their own path in sharing their music with the world around them. And now that we live in an age, where millennials

are conquering the generation with innovation and unconventional ideas, these ideas are coming to front of the music movement today. 1&1 Donations is leading and leaving this legacy.

A team of hardworking students from Southern California that makes revolutionary impact in the way they party. Partying with a purpose and an aim to inspire the next generation of kids, 1&1 Donations creates an inspiring community by being a nonprofit college charity foundation. Having its headquarters at Cal State Northridge, does not stop its reach in becoming a country-wide movement energizing cities one party and event at a time. The Showcase is only the beginning.

Thursday, February 28th: The Showcase - A concert that was held at a considerably spacious hookah lounge, Midnight Vape Hookah, in Northridge, California. With black lights shining on the neon wall art and the black couches on the perimeter of the lounge, the vibe was vibrant, lit, and comfortable. It allowed the crowd who wanted to listen and support new upcoming artists, to do just that. DJ Jukeboxx, a profound DJ based in Los Angeles, set the tone for the night with all the jams: from ones that you could twerk to, to the new releases that not only fit the vibe but enhanced it. His DJing paired well with the artists who were performing too. Simply to say, “if it aint Juke, it aint jumping”.

The Showcase had all NEW MUSIC featuring Bhuss, 10 Shot, Lil Drift, Alexandra, Leelo, Kech Vibes, Dame Dbe, Space Boi, Eli CBG, and MJ. With each artist, came their projects boldly and unapologetically and with their friends hyping them up around them. It was just full of good vibes and good people with only good intentions: to create a space and platform for artists and to inspire those around them. You will see me attending the next one. And if 1 & 1 Donations pops up in your city, I highly recommend to attend and to enjoy the vibe.

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