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Ashanti Is Here To Stay!

R&B artist and songwriter Ashanti created songs for our breakups, make-ups, girl moments and much more. She disappeared from the music scene for a few years but was still making guest appearances.

Though she was making appearances the crowd wasn’t returning the favor. Allegedly her concert at Stony Brook University was cancelled due to low ticket sales. During this time 50 Cent took it upon himself to respond to the situation and bully Ashanti. Though his words were hurtful Ashanti was unbothered and continued to live her best life.

Im pretty sure we’ve all come across the video from New Years Eve where she was performing and all of a sudden her music cut off. She was then forced to sing acapella due to the sound system failure. Though faced with an obstacle, she continued to contain her composure and kill the performance.

Recently, photos and videos of her in Trinidad and Tobago have been circling around. Did you know she has a song with the top Soca artist right now, Machel Montano. On Machel Monday, Ashanti took the stage to show everyone what they have been missing. Her presence has blessed Trinidad and you can tell everybody is feeling it. You can find numerous photos of her and Soca artist such as Bunji Garlin, Skinny Fabulous, and more all over social media from T&T Carnival.

As a fellow Long Islander, Ashanti you are killing it. Continue to stay positive and spread your talents throughout the world!

Check out Ashanti and Machel Montano’s new song “The Road” here:

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