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Let's Talk Tittie! Hellotittie Opening Art Night

Have you ever imagined being in a room full of carefree, righteous, diverse, boss a$$ B*#@!es?? yeah I haven't either. 

If you haven't heard of the women empowerment brand "Hellotittie" you need to make some serious changes on all your social media pages. Hellotittie is one of the newest digital source of women empowerment for millennials, you can call them the modern day "Essence Magazine" 

Dana Prosper is the brain behind the operation, she created the brand sometime in 2016 and been rocking ever since! When I asked her why she titled the brand "Hellotittie"  and if she gets nervous when saying the brands name out loud she said "I don't get nervous, I just love looking at their face when they hear it"

Attending the event for the first time I already knew what to expect, I was actually anxious because I couldn't wait to be obnoxious about the word tittie, plus all their merchandise was on fire, from the boobie stress balls, to the "Hellotittie name change" and t-shirts I felt like I was in a candy store. 

Although we were offered great drinks from their sponsor Monster we were able to enjoy the art exhibit as well. There were artist from all over the world such as NYC, South Korea and Singapore. What I really love most about the event was the diversity of it. I can admit I see color all day everyday, I honestly hate talking about diversity because its so cliche but to be honest for the first time in my 23 years of living I didn't see color at all, I felt like we were our own tribe in a sense, it honestly felt like my p**** was in control of everything!

We've got a chance to speak with artist Zenata who is definetly as colorful as her hair. 

Kay Dot: As an Artist where do you draw your inspiration from?

Zenata: Just myself, in everyday black women and black men or the duality between the feminine, masculine energies of black people,

Kay Dot: you look like you wear art daily, do you consider yourself walking art?

Zenata: Defenitly, I am art myself. Its something from another source

"Be yourself and define all standards. Period!"

Nelly Gomez is the official COO of Hello Tittie 

Kay Dot: what is your role in Hellotittie?

Nelly Gomez: I am the operating manager, I design merchandise, reach out to artist, interview guest and help Dana with extra needs

Kay Dot: Why chose Hellotittie?

Nelly Gomez: I love the idea of Universal Women we are all powerful, the vibe of the site, the look and I like to build things up, I just knew it was going to be hard work but I couldn't wait to join 

Kay Dot: What Makes you a Fearless woman?

Nelly Gomez: Do what I have to do, Because it has to get done!

 "Se la Vie" Such as Life 

Dana Prosper who is the CEO the brains behind the operation had some words to say as well

Kay Dot: How is it running a business?

Dana Prosper: You need to plan, and if you don't plan you fail. You have to have things in order, follow up with publicist, writers, interns everyone lol!

Kay Dot: What is your daily routine?

Dana Prosper: Check Instagram lol, check my emails, hardly on the phone and I don't watch tv lol

"I'm not bossy I just have leadership skills"

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