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Cameron Dietz Shares his IG Crush, New Song titled "Goals" and Music Industry Favorites

Florida musicians have been creeping their way up the charts in the old tropical state and it looks like their bringing their southern charm with them. Artist like City Girls, Kodak Black, XXXTentacion, and Rick Ross have set the bar for any Florida musicians to come after them.

Cameron Dietz is a new upcoming artist who is blessed with musical talents such as songwriting, singing and producing. His voice is so unique that you can listen to it with your eyes close and day dream about the sunset.

He just recently released his record "Goals" which he wrote, and produced. "Im in the studio 24/7, if I go in late at night I'm not leaving till 6:00 am, I am my own production team. I can't leave till it sounds right." After giving his song a few plays I had to definitely add it to my soundtrack.

When I look at him you don't automatically think he's a singer, and if you did you wouldn't expect him to blow the way he does... well in my opinion that's the case. He's a tall white man, with a GQ sense of style and Harry Potter glasses. I have to admit I love when you can turn on music and not match the voice, because that is true talent.

He recenytly covered "911" by Tyler Creator and he just switched the whole dynamic of the song, take a listen here and tell us your thoughts!

Since he has the sex appeal of a GQ model I had to ask who his Instagram crush was, and to my surprise he replied "Brittany Renner, I love the way she thinks, shes very independent." I was shocked because most men wouldn't want to date Brittany Renner sense her recent tell all book, but honestly I was kind of excited after that. Us Women love a man who can except the truth about sexuality and the right for a women to be independent.

With drawing inspiration from Justin Timberlake he has dreams that go beyond that from getting recognition from Marlon Wayans, DC young fly, and Mr. Chow he is just getting started. Not only is he a fan of all these comedians he even said that he can be Instagram besties with DC Young Fly and we are loving the bromance that is going on.

You can follow Cameron Dietz on Instagram for all new music releases. You can also find his latest hit single Goals on our Weekly playlist.

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