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Lady Rage, Uncle Murda and Dennis L.A. White Work closely on New Upcoming Television Series "St

The Islamic culture is sacred and historical to the black community, leaders like Muhammad Ali, and Malcolm X, were faithful believers to Allah.

Dawan A. Brown the producer of "Street Connected" shares the story of his early years of adult hood. The lead character Muta Muhammad is played by Neil Carr. the series setting is modern day Newark, New Jersey and the raw lifestyle of the streets. After dealing with the death of his father he soon learns that he has accidentally inherited the family drug business. Along with battling death and faith, he's forced to dodge the bullets a jealous member of his crew.

Dennis LA White is an actor, producer, and director he is also known as "D-Roc" from the film "Notorious"White has now taken a seat back from acting and now calling himself the co-director of the series which introduces some of our cultural favorites such as Lady Rage from Next Friday, Rap Artist Uncle Murda, Actor Tobias Truvillion from Empire, Neil Carr from Saints and the Sinner and Brave Williams from Bad Dad Rehab .

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