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4/20 Friendly Culture Fest is Brooklyn’s New Reign of Fire!

First of anything is never so easy,  but the creator of Culture Fest makes it look as simple as a walk in the park.

Culture Fest is Brooklyn’s only festival that will be happening every year in the spring in Williamsburg, New York. It was created to highlight new upcoming artist to raise a platform for their artistry. The outcome is expected to be larger than any show during its first year. Celebrities like Hot 97’s very own Funk Flex , and TT Torez will be an attendance, and the Afrobeats king himself Afro B, will be performing his hot song “Joanna!” Smaller acts like Gangtivity and Leeky Bandz have set the bar high for any upcoming artist hitting the stage after them. 

Shabaka Shakur the creator of "culture fest" is a Brooklyn native who has seen the drastic change of gentrification right before his own eyes. He has took the responsibility of keeping the neighborhood cultural by opening his own restaurant in one of the hottest areas in the five boroughs. He plans on keeping the festival alive every year for any new artist ready for the spotlight. 

You may purchase your tickets by clicking the link here. 

For more information on whose performing this Saturday you may visit their instagram:


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