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New Virtual Reality Film "Another Dream" By Tamara Shogalou Takes over Tribeca Film Festiv

They say all great projects take time, especially when you're holding a mastermind close to your heart. Tamara Shogaolu, the director of the Virtual Reality film "Another Dream" captured the story of two lesbian lovers from Egypt seeking refuge, after the revolution backlash against the LGBTQ community. 

Shogaolu was determined to make a film surrounding the twenty-first century biggest battle. Tamara has been a student of film for quite some time, from graduating the University of Southern California, one of the top cinematic schools in the country she was determined to create projects that will knock your socks of. After birthing this idea 10 years ago she decided to make a film that the audience can feel mentally and internally. 

The animated series takes place in Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia which enhanced the idea of storytelling through images. This virtual experience will open doors for the LGBTQ community across the globe in due time. 

We’ve enjoyed our time learning about the film and we've decided to share some of our additional questions with you all! 

Kay Dotttt: Why did you choose VR as your choice to tell this story?

Tamara: With VR I am able to take my audience through the actual experience of traveling through the middle east, I want them to emotionally connect with this film. After recording real stories I knew how important it was to tell their history. 

Kay Dotttt: How long did it take to complete this project?

Tamara: It took 10 years! I’m tech savvy but working in a new medium meant that I had to learn a new language. I’ve had to research and attend conferences where I met and talked to different people. A few people were shocked when they found out that a woman created this film.

Kay Dotttt: With Technology being difficult did you ever think about sticking to old fashion cinematography?

Tamara: Not at all! I’ve had assistance from many of my friends who lived all over the globe such as Indonesia, The Netherlands, and more. It was many hours put in with unpaid work, I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow myself to stop!

You can catch “Another Dream” playing at Tribeca film festival from April 26-May 5th, just by purchasing your tickets here.

You may click on the link to watch the full trailer. 

Urban News Word of the Day from Tamara Shogaolu: “Don’t let anyone tell you what you're capable of.” 

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