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Meet K.Hus The Rapper Who Went From Being A Hype Man to Performing on a Sold Out Tour

Who is K.Hus?

Long Island native Kashawn Michaels also known as K.Hus has taken his level of rapping to new heights. K.Hus originally known as K.Hustle changed his name to K.Hus to represent growth and an evolution. K.Hustle created party music while K.Hus talked about life and was relatable.

This talented rapper has always had a passion for music and has been making music since the age of 15. When he was 13 he played around with music but never took it seriously until the age of 15. At that point, he released his mixtape “Straight Outta High School” and a remix to Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland. The remix was posted on Facebook and received a good reaction from listeners. Within the next few days Hus received a message from a producer who heard the remix and invited him to the studio to record. The Dilemma remix was recorded on his MacBook which we all know doesn’t best quality. A producer heard his potential and wanted him to come and record a few songs professionally. The producer sent Hus a few beats and he got straight to work. This was a huge foot in the door for him and his music career.

Beef With Soulja Boy?

As the years went on K.Hus continued to make music and build his fan base. About 3 years ago he encountered a situation that brought more attention to his music. Hus created a song called “Where TF is my Guitar” and let social media hear the snippet first. The snippet became popular due to it being shared by rappers and fans. A few days later someone tagged him in a video posted by Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy was dancing to a song he was making in the studio. The song sounded just like “Where TF is my guitar” from the beats, to the lyrics. Hus then took it to Instagram to confront Soulja Boy about the situation. The two ended up getting into an argument through direct message. Soulja said “he’s never heard of K.Hus and he would never steal music”. All Hus wanted was some credit for his song and Soulja left his message on read. Hus decided to create the diss track “Aint No Soulja ( Soulja Boy Diss)” after being left on read. The diss track brought a lot of attention to the situation and Soulja Boy DM’d him again. Soulja Boy said that, he would wanted to squash the beef, so Hus gave him his number so they could talk things through. He ended up giving Soulja the wrong number by mistake, but didn’t notice until the next day. He reached out to Soulja Boy to correct his number but was left on read once again. That’s when K.Hus released the music video to “Aint No Soulja ( Soulja Boy Diss)”. The blogs went crazy, K.Hus fans went crazy and so did Soulja Boy’s.

Who influenced K. Hus?

When I asked K.Hus who influenced him, he had a hard time answering. He mentioned that he was influenced by many artists but his main two are Nas and Wiz Khalifa. Hus considers himself similar to Wiz Khalifa, from the looks down to the vibe. From the first picture I saw of him on Instagram, I thought the same thing! He said that even though Nas and Wiz Khalifa are his top two artist he looks for inspiration in many different genres. As a rapper that listens to many different genres of music, he is able to create diverse sounding music. Many rappers today tend to stick to one genre while K.Hus likes to explore. His songs may sound like hip hop one day and then rock the next day.

A Sudden Opportunity

K.Hus was on Trippie Redd’s “Life a Trip” tour for 3 months. He was the hype man for the first half of the tour until a sudden change happened. The opening act left half way through the tour and there was a 15-minute slot to fill for the second half of the tour. Hus said that the tour managers approached him because they loved his energy and knew that he made music. In a matter of

minutes, he went from hype man to performing at sold out shows. Since this was his first real tour he wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since the crowd wouldn’t know his music. But every show he went out there and gave the crowd his all. After each show he gained a number of new fans. People were following him wanting to chat, take photos and get autographs. Even his social following boosted high after every show. This was a huge milestone for him and his music. Hus has a tattoo that says “K.Hus”. When he got the tattoo he never really knew if he was going to continue rapping. Years later, that tattoo shows that he pulled through and stuck to something that he has a passion for.

What’s Next?

So, what's next for K.Hus? Hus is really excited about his upcoming album “Heartbreak Hus” that will be released on May 23. The album will feature 12 songs and 1 single. 11 of the songs on the album have never been heard before. This album will be a surprise for his fans and soon-to-be fans. He will also drop his merch soon along with a website where everyone will be able to learn more about K.Hus and his music. In the future he will be dropping an EP, YWB ( Young Wild Boys) album and going on tour. Keep a lookout for K.Hus and his future endeavors as he continues to kill the game!

Motivation from K.Hus for Upcoming Artist:

  • “Believe in yourself”

  • “Don’t sell yourself short”

  • “Speak things into existence”

  • “What you put into this earth, is what you will receive”

Keep Up With K.Hus

Instagram: @ywb_khus

Twitter: @ywb_khus


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