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Artentrepreneur Festival or The Swag Show?

Artentrepreneur Festival should’ve never created a space so dope for young black creatives, it only boosted my love for our culture even harder. 

I always find it exciting when I do an event for the first time with many of my peers. As I did research for Artentrepreneur Festival I had no idea what to expect, and to be honest I did that on purpose. I wanted to completely be blind of my knowledge before I got my wig snatched. 

New York City is the home for creativity if your a small town girl like me you’ve yearned to become apart of the crowd you so desperately need. As I entered the venue I was immediately excited, I’ve never been to an event where everyone looked attractive. The ladies perfected every inch of their bundles and blended their makeup seamlessly. The men, on the other hand, supported high fashion trends such as Palm Angels, Louis Vuitton and of course Nike. There’s just something about black people being fly that makes my hairs stand up. 

As the event started we were graced with an industry lead panel discussion hosted by “Hustle in Brooklyn” star Ivy Rivera. The panel included Tidal video producer Deena Morrison, Harlem Google Digital Coach Sandra G. Lowery, Social Media Marketer at BET Gissel Alvarez, and Tidal A&R Rel Carter plus more. Each guest on the panel shared the importance of branding, studying culture and the true value of success. 

“Try not to become a man of success, try to become a man of value.” - Albert Einstein 

As the event seemed to pick up I visited each vendor table, as I viewed and shopped for the best item, I was shocked to see an old college friend selling some of her popular items from her cosmetic line, Arnelle Beauty collection. To sum up my shopping spree I brought an exclusive NY Yankee Tier hat that was on sale only for the popup event. I’ve never been more excited to support a black business in my life. Not only was it a successful apparel company but the creator of Tier NYC brought us  Artentrepreneur Festival. 

To know that black men can create an atmosphere so peaceful and fun it shows that we are more than rappers and basketball players, we are community leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Nigeria Ealey, Victor James, Esaie Jean-Simon are the creators of Tier NYC and Artentrepreneur Festival let’s just say we will never see them working for someone else again. 

I would like to personally thank the members of Artentrepreneur Festival for allowing Urban News to cover this event we will most certainly be back next year. 

See our recap down below.

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