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Korey Wise Buys A Million Dollar Apartment Overlooking Central Park

Congratulations are in order for Korey Wise! Korey is one of five men apart of the Exonerated Five. He recently purchased a $925,000 Harlem apartment over looking Central Park.

Korey was wrongfully accused and jailed for the 1989 rape and beating of a 28 year old jogger. He was 16 in 1989 and served the longest sentence. Wise only went to the police station to support his friend Yuseef Salaam, and ended up being amongst the five charged. Korey was incarcerated for 14 years. He was exonerated along with the other four in 2002. Korey was still serving his sentence when Matias Reyes admitted to the crime. In 2014, they received a settlement of $41 million after suing the city of New York.

Since “When They See Us” was released the Exonerated Five have been in the public eye. They have received an overwhelming amount of love and support from people throughout the world.

“I’m thankful to be alive today as Korey King Wise.”- Korey Wise

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