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Throwback To The 90's

As a child born in the 90's and growing up in the early 2000's there were so many trends. Trends that we will never forget. I wish we could travel back in time and bring them back. Here are some of my favorite 90's/ early 2000's items:

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe was illest ride to have. All of my friends had Cozy Coupes. I remember rolling down my driveway feeling like I ran my town:

Stacking Pencils were everyone's favorite pencil besides #2. Trying to erase your mistakes were impossible.:

LIMEWIRE was the main platform for downloading free music. It took forever to download but it was all worth it in the end. Today most people pay for music subscriptions (Apple music, Spotify Tidal, etc):

Mr. Scetch Scented Markers were a staple in history. The teacher would come around with colored pencils, crayons and scented markers. Everyone would pick the scented markers because they wanted to sniff them:

The Kodak Film Camera that you could find at any drug store. I remember winding up the film and taking a photo with the bright flash. When you were done, you had to get the film developed. Today, we barely print photos because everything is on a digital device.

Looseleaf games were the best way to get your crushes attention. "Press here" was the first move in most 90's/ early 2000's relationships:

T9 texting was probably the easiest and hardest way to text. Your phone automatically suggested the words for you. If you missed the word you would have to keep pressing okay until it came back up:

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