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Is Instagram Hiding Carnival Content?

It’s carnival season and Instagram is on a hidden spree. There have been a number of people complaining about Instagram hiding their photos of Carnival. Carnival is the time to let go and be free. People travel all over the world to participate in the lively events. You can see colorful costumes, beautiful people, food, dancing, and everyone having a good time.

While many carnival goers post all their photos on Instagram and include different hashtags. When clicking on the trending carnival hashtags, at the top of the Instagram page there is a paragraph. For Antigua carnival goers it said this:

“Recent posts from #antiguacarnival2019 are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guideline."

How can you hide someones culture? Going to carnival and playing Mas is apart of the Caribbean culture. They have kiddie carnival so the children can experience it also. It has become so popular that non- Caribbean people even participate.

Recently Instagram apologized for hiding content from different carnivals.

According to an article posted by ViceCanda:

“The popular platform is apologizing after it made a ‘mistake’ by hiding posts under the hashtags related to carnival in the Caribbean for allegedly falling afoul of the platforms community guidelines.”

Hopefully Instagram will realize that carnival in the Caribbean is a time to celebrate the culture and have a good time. Though costumes are a bit revealing this has been a tradition for years. I wonder if they hide photos during the Brazilian Carnival?

The next carnival will be on the island of, Anguilla. I hope to see the beautiful costumes and highlights on Instagram!

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