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The Four Steps You Need to Know to Cure Your Mental Health

Life throws many curve balls at us that helps or renders us. The outcome depends on your perception of the situation. Each individual on this earth has a gift and purpose. The barriers we face tests our spiritual self. Society gives us an outline of what steps to take and what rules to follow, to reach this unattainable success we imagine. Trusting your decisions, and believing in your abilities will lend to your unique journey of success. But obtaining that victory is not easy, we have to remove obstacles from our path in order to become a better version of ourselves to get the things we worked for.

Realization: Being honest with yourself.

If you don't tell yourself the truth you will never grow internally. You have to point out character flaws within yourself and address issues that are hindering you from getting where you want to be. Sometimes we put in repetitive situations until we gain the power to change them. When you accept the change you start to handle situations differently, dress differently, address conflict, and have those tough conversations.

Realization: Preparing the life you have for the life you desire

Your current way of life will change drastically when you start embracing challenges and learn from them. Instead of asking why is this happening to me, ask yourself what is this teaching me. Realizing that you are hindering your access to the next level will reconstruct your state of mind into training mode with a different outlook.

Separation: Eliminating yourself from bad company and energy.

The term "bird of the same feather flock together" is correct in connection with productivity and intelligence. You are who you hang around, and if you can list off more negative than positive qualities for your group of friends, it's time to self-reflect.

Conversation: Having those talks about mental health with the people around you can start healing your pain.

Not allowing people to alter your energy by communicating verbally increases your power. What you allow is what will continue, and affirming your values and beliefs gives you character.

The work begins when you hit those four targets and listen to your intuition. You have to allow yourself time to become what you want, sacrifice the wants and get the work done for your inner peace. Be kind to yourself, others, take responsibility for your choices, and be truthful.

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