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Hot Girl Summer Video Shut down by Law Enforcement

Hot Girl Meg, Nicki Minaj and Ty dolla sign “Hot Girl Summer” video almost became a cold girl summer when LAPD use their force to shut down the festivities -- but don’t worry, things did get warmer. Now to the reason why you all came to this post. According to TMZ, the legal party crashers attempted to shut down Meg’s and Nicki’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ video last Friday, in the Mount Olympus are in Los Angeles. Supposedly production didn’t secure proper permits before they saddle their way to the heart of Hollywood Hills. Bummer right. Nicki and Ty booked a house close to the set to shoot the main portion of the video, but unfortunately, high profile SNITCHES in the neighborhood canceled their services. Someone called the cops and told law enforcement to pull up to the set, and once they arrived, they’ve noticed that there were not proper permit present and they sent everyone packing. Luckily for Meg’s superhero team they were able to find another location only 50 miles East of L.A. in Chino Hills. After relocating production ran smoothly and the Hot Barb Summer wrapped up on time to capture all the footage they needed. Hold on tight the Hotties are coming!!!

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