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Motivation of the Day: Get out of your comfort zone, it’s killing you.

Playing it safe has always made you feel secure, but have you ever wondered why you haven’t progressed in life? Ever thought about the what if’s? If you find yourself fantasizing about what could have happened, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and elevate to the next level. Fear is the cousin to procrastination, and both of those factors equal a missed opportunity.

When you are scared to take that leap that is an affirmation to do it! If you feel like you are not prepared enough for the offered position take it, the purpose of this position is to learn. Risk equals learning if you don’t have an urge to learn in everything you do, you will not progress. A good tip to remember is that: you can never know too much in a subject, there is always room to learn something.

Choosing to play it safe will eventually kill all your dreams and leave you stuck in the same place for years. I don’t want you to waste your gift because you are afraid to showcase it. Do you want to host an event? Research speakers and sponsors for it. Do you want a talk show? Start that Youtube channel. Technology is so advanced that you don’t need expensive equipment to produce or start things. For every dream out there, there are baby steps someone is afraid to take because they’re afraid of rejection. If you aren’t failing or getting rejected you aren't progressing in your career. The greatest people have been fired from their dream job and that forced them to rebrand. Don’t get discouraged by it use it as fuel to excel and get out of your comfort zone.

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