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Best advice for graduates: Find your passion and thrive

Graduation is the first big accomplishment for young adults as they transition to adulthood. You’ve always been told where to go, step after step. After elementary school you go to middle school and then high-school. And some naturally go to college to learn your true skills and talents.

When you receive these strict instructions it’s hard to go out by yourself without guidance from advisors, and parents. Freshman year you think you have it all but then four years goes by fast. Before you know it, you are in line waiting for your name to be called to receive your degree. Now what?

The reality of post graduation life is the hardship and uncertainty that comes with it. If you don’t have anything planned out. If you did plan accordingly and had interviews lined up you’ll wait to hear from them. Each situation after graduation is different, but transitioning from depending on your parents and professors to making your own decisions is hard.

When the congratulations, parties, and graduation money run its course, it becomes clear that undergrad is over. Then you’re left with a worried feeling this is completely normal and you should not feel alone. Many graduates are uncertain about life with or without a plan and the secret to get over that is… there is no secret.

Life is full of mysteries and no one really knows what to but using your passion will help drive you forward. Discovering your gift is the best advice to give graduates because that will help guide you through this unsure journey and into a successful career.

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