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MOTD: Quit trying to recycle people God is trying to remove out your life.

Life is filled with different obstacles and changes that alter our journey. Along that uncertain path there are people that enter for a reason or a season. The hardest part of that is figuring out which one they are before it is too late.

By too late I mean too attached, too toxic, too much time wasted. Although those are cons to a seasonal person, they open your eyes to raise a goal for yourself or challenge you to want better for yourself.

This issue with these people once you realize their seasonal, you have to leave them where you found them. They aren’t meant to be with you on your journey, and keeping them in your life will prolong the process. The energy you put into that seasonal person could be going towards your passion or people that actually care about you and your well being. God gives us people we NEED not WANT! It is important to know that the thing you may want out of a person is not something you need, and sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

A person that constantly enters and exits your life is a test. This inconsistency is a sign to show you how your presence is not noticed and it is time to move up a level. After detaching from that seasonal person you’ll feel better spiritually, and mentally.

As you matriculate through life you will encounter many people who are assigned to teach you things but not be a permanent factor in your life, and you have to trust your journey and continue going without them.

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