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Takeaways from Lizzo's VMA performance: Love yourself

Lizzo has been creating music highlighting self-love for a while but her 2017 hit “Truth Hurts” has been an all time favorite on airwaves around the country gaining her traction and new fans. Her performances are everything with visual, enthusiasm and empowerment.

In Lizzo’s MTV Video Music Awards performance she delivered all three, as she did “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell.” The flute playing queen had women of color as her background dancers in different shapes and sizes along with a theme wardrobe. In her song “Truth Hurts”, she talks about remembering how much of a baddie you are after a break up and bossing up.

In her other song “Good As hell” she talks about self love during a relationship that is toxic. As women we may not always see our worth but Lizzo makes music to help with that. Mid performance she talks about how it’s hard to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back, and how we all deserve to feel good as hell!

Her 2019 VMA performance was full of energy from start to finish. She gave us a message from the wardrobe, to a sermon about self love, to flying hairpieces. Of all the performances that night Lizzo’s was by far the most impactful for women of all shapes and sizes.

See the performance here below:

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