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Trey Songz Is Fed Up With The ‘Power’ Theme Song Comments

Trey Songz is sick of the comments about the new Power theme song. The original ‘Power’ theme song was sung by Joe featuring 50 cent. I believe they decided to change the theme song since this is the last season. Well, fans are not really feeling it.

During the season premiere, Trey Songz performed the new song and it turned a few heads. Fans said that the song doesn’t feel the same. The original theme song got them pumped for the show to start. Fans are begging them to change it back but 50 Cent isn’t having it.

Trey took it to instagram to express his frustration.

Trey said “Ima slap the shit outta one of you n***as bout this Power shit.” I think everyone has been coming for Trey Songz since last Sunday when the new season started. But, 50 let him know not to stress over it.

50 responded:

"@TreySongz im a be mad at you if you catch a case Over a remix now, they just want to make some kinda fun outta of us on this one," 50 Cent wrote.

Here is what fans are saying:

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