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Put Yourself On

The first thing people say when they see people reach exposure is to put them on. This is the most selfish thing that I have ever heard. Why do people feel so obligated to project their hopes and dreams on your shoulders because of the power they think you have. Especially since the technology is so advanced to the point where they can indeed, put themselves on.

One of the things people sleep on is themselves, and their ability. If they put the burden on someone else they know if they fail, its the persons fault. WRONG. Someone putting you on should be a push in your career, not the thing to make it takeoff.

The same energy you put into the person you want to put you on in advertising and promoting you content, is the same energy you should put into getting exposure. Social media is a vital tool that can get your content out to the right people.

You can put yourself on, by creating content for a specific audience and if it’s good they’ll share it. Apps like Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have made so many people money, and credibility.

By posting your content you are putting yourself on. By pitching your passion to people who can contribute you are putting yourself on. By networking and building genuine relationships with people in your field, you are putting yourself on. Be the manager you’ve always wanted.

Book your own events, push your material, believe in yourself when times are tough, and always put your best work out. Anything with your name attached should be a reflection of your best skills and abilities, and someone will notice your hard work.

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