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Don’t Pull a Muscle Trying to Flex

It’s normal to have the urge to flex on those who doubted you but some people take it a tad bit too far. Working hard and showcasing is different from faking it and flexing. Flexing requires too much stress and anxiety, when you put out a false image. You have to work five times as hard to maintain it.

People will always expect that and when you can’t deliver it you’ll be exposed. What is done in the dark does come to the light, and the things you are doing will negatively affect the relationships, and reality of your life.

The Instagram fame may be nice and satisfying but once you log off you have to face your real reality off social media. That car you drive is nice but you have to work extra shifts just to pay it off monthly.

The lifestyle you’ve created my be fun online but you are suffering in real life. The rule “if you can't buy it twice leave it alone” is true. A couple of likes and retweets aren't worth struggling.

Please remember that you don’t know what people's lives are like before and after that photo was taken. Don’t let envy cost you to force an image that is not the true you. On another note, remember people don’t post the bad.

You will never see someone showing all the hard work, and low points they had on their journey. A post is just a picture of the good times, every person's life has troubles and flexing won't make your situation any better. Stay in your lane financial, mentally and boss up when it’s your time.

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