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MOTD: Stop Allowing your Ego to Ruin Your Relationships

Your ego is more dangerous than your pride. Your ego controls the way you view yourself and your emotional drama. It gives you affirmations for your actions right or wrong, and allows you to think highly of yourself and your abilities. This booster is the reason many people lose relationships and friendships.

Your ego should only enforce abilities when it comes to your confidence in your passion and work.

But some people use that as a tool to be mean to others so they can build themselves up. In relationships there are a lot of disagreements and the ego won’t let someone accept that they may be wrong.

They take it up a notch to convince the other person they are right also, even though this doesn’t make them happy. The best way to let go of your ego is to separate yourself from false image you’ve created.

The ego is a mask for your insecurities, it's your natural defense mechanism against anyone who triggers what you are afraid of. Facing your fears head on will help your ego fade away along with conversations that will allow you to accept criticism.

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