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MOTD: Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

You're not stuck, just comfortable. You know what to do, how to do it but you haven’t yet, why? Because you are doubt yourself and lost your motivation. A loss of motivation comes from a lack of discipline, desire, and setting. Those three factors are the killers of dreams, and will heavily impact your performance. A routine is a good start to get work done, but if you continue to do the same preparation, and planning on a daily, it will kill your creativity.

Challenge yourself to a new skill, assignment, or project that will teach you something new. Approach a project with a new perspective, and give yourself an end goal that will get you closer to your opportunity. Don't shy away from things that are unfamiliar to you either. You can inquire knowledge from many places and use it in your favor. The right people may be in those places you’d think they wouldn’t be, so stay ready.

Breakdown: Open your mind to new places, things, and people during your journey. Find people who have similar passions and explore. Don’t get into the repetition of doing things so much it becomes predictable. Always be ready to take on new things and do it the best way you could. Remember challenge brings opportunity.

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